Tag: Miserus Clan


  • Maxilius Miserus

    An ex-Roman citizen, who after poaching a particularly influential senator's pet elephant outside of Rome was sold into Slavery and sentenced to death in the Circus Maximus. Needless to say his skills in archery brought him through the many races alive, …

  • Fiona Misera

    Gracchus' wife. A devout Christian, and the reason for Gracchus' hermitage. Although she is fond of the party she has reservations about your business and her husbands involvement in the blood sport.

  • Hittus Dattus

    Gracchus Miserus' personal assistant, accountant, and "master spy." He is working in close contact with the party and is their liason to Gracchus. Although he has a network of informants in the city he is by no means omniscient, and the intelligence he …

  • Marius Minnus

    Runner of the farmstead which is now the school, and keeper of the slaves that worked there and the new arrivals, he lives in the school and keeps watch over the gladiators. Not born with incredible intelligence, the powers at be saw fit to gift him with …

  • Catala Misera

    Although Catala is a devout Christian, she is fascinated by martial arts. An exquisite dancer, excellent manners, a fiery stubbornness and wanderlust all in one ready to burst package.