Maxilius Miserus

Gracchus Miserus' nephew, an ex-Circus Maximus racer, he is living with Miserus, and works alongside Hittus.


4th level Ranger. Although recently arrived in Vestivire himself, Maxilius has mastered the region and the terrain. He is competent handler of beasts, and an able warrior. He is able to provide navigation, tame any procured beasts, and lend a hand should matters turn mortal.


An ex-Roman citizen, who after poaching a particularly influential senator’s pet elephant outside of Rome was sold into Slavery and sentenced to death in the Circus Maximus. Needless to say his skills in archery brought him through the many races alive, reclaiming his freedom, but not his reputation, he left Rome to come live with and work for his uncle.

Maxilius Miserus

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